Saturday, 9 December 2017

Anticuchos; Sri Lankan Chicken Liver and Mango Curry; Steak, Kidney and Pheasant Pie; Treacle Tart.

Friday 8th December 2017

FestOffal 2017

Jock has long been wanting to demonstrate his value to OC beyond that of procuring expensive and delicious alcohols to accompany the food  and an ability to devour any and all offal put in front of him (positions he carries out admirably). Being of the "can't cook" variety has left him requiring the services of guest chefs and so Dom was recruited so that Jock could host. After a couple of clandestine meetings in Chorlton to prepare the menu (Dom: "I was thinking of cooking this"; Jock: "Great, that sounds lovely"; Both: "Sorted, another pint?") the scene was set for another fine evening.

Chefs: Dom and Joby

Host: Jock

Offaliates present: Jock, Dom, Joby, Simon, Jason, Dan, Pete, Simon C, Steve, Tom.


Joby started us off with his take on Anticuchos, a peruvian street food of marinated ox heart skewers accompanied by a delicious, hot chili relish.

Sri Lankan Chicken Liver and Mango Curry

Steak, Kidney and Pheasant Pie

A founder member of Pie Club, Dom really does make an astonishingly good rough puff pastry.

Heston's Treacle Tart

The Wine

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