Sunday, 24 January 2016

Chicken heart piri piri; Lamb's liver with lamb's lettuce; Lamb's heart "steak" and kidney pie; Blood orange cake.

Saturday 21st November 2015

Steve's Pissing Off(al) to Portugal.

Not one to sit around and twiddle his fingers, Steve had decided that, in the same week he retired from work, he was going to provide his inaugural chefing experience at Offal Club and then promptly emigrate to Portugal. Clearly enamoured of the usual innards based humour employed at OC, his menu was carefully prepared for maximum effect. He had prepared the full 5 courses that has became the standard to which we aspire, expecting the usual double figures of Offaliates. Sadly a litany of last minute poor excuses decimated our number to a measly 6 (with enough pie for at least 20). Not even the voracious Jock could finish his plate. 

Chef: Steve

Venue: Simon's

Member's present: Simon, Jason, Steve, Joby, Dan, Jock.

Aperitif: A shot of Mescal with orange and Cricket salt (freshly imported from Mexico).

Hot Piri Piri Chicken Hearts

Lamb's Liver on a bed of Lamb's Lettuce

Steak and Kidney Pie

Lemon and Blood Orange Cake with Apple Rose

Wine's of the Night:

Quote of the Night:

I've been eating this pie for 20 minutes but my plate hasn't gone down at all.

Excuses of the Night:

I got a better offer from my girlfriend.
My wife's going out with your wife so I have to babysit the kids.
I told you already that I was out with my parents tonight.
I'm going to the 20th anniversary of Megadog.
I'm in hospital - I just had a heart attack.

Next Venue:

Pete's cardiac recovery unit.

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