Monday, 10 February 2014

Hartingtons Offal Cookery Course 20th July 2014

Hartingtons School of Food in Bakewell have recently been in touch with us to let us know about their upcoming offal cookery course with local chef John Parsons. John is passionate about 'nose to tail' cookery and built up a loyal following on his regular Offal Nights at his Sheffield bistro Kitchen during his tenure.

On the course John will demonstrate his skills to show chefs and enthusiastic amateur cooks how they can utilise the whole animal to create inspiring tasty and cost effective dishes.   John will highlight and teach the butchery and cookery techniques that will enable anyone to work with this fantastically varied and exciting form of cookery.  On the day participants will prepare 5 dishes which will typically include:

  • Smoked cow heel broth (Yorkshire faggot)
  • Rolled spleen and bacon (sage,mustard grain, sherry, almonds)
  • Crisp Pigs Brain (Cavolo nero, potato, mousseline, expresso)
  • Szechuan tripe (Pineapple, molasses, mustard greens, black garlic)
  • Sweat breads (Bacon, peas, croutons)
  • Slow cooked beef cheek (Deep fried marrowbone, horseradish)
Further details for anyone interested can be found here.

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