Saturday, 9 November 2013

Crumbed Lambs Brain with Foie Gras

August 2013

The Lamb with Two Brains

While on holiday in France it would have been churlish to avoid sampling some of the local foodie delights. The discovery of like minded soul, Mark, meant the search was on for an impromptu offal outing. Needless to say the French boucher was up to the challenge. The site of some gently poaching lambs brains seemed a bit much for some of the guests, but isn't it amazing how a covering of crispy breadcrumbs suddenly makes something more appetising.

Chefs: Simon and Mark

Venue: Le Camp: the finest example of Glamping on the planet

Members present: Simon, Mark and a selection of other guests

Crumbed Lambs Brain with Foie Gras

Quote of the day: Tom (aged 4): I really like these lambs brains....what are lambs brains?

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