Sunday, 17 March 2013

Tongue 'n' Cheek Pudding

Friday 15th March 2013

Old School

After events conspired to prevent a gathering of Festoffal 2013, we have been desperately searching for an appropriate time to get back to the dinner table for some serious eats. Joby had promised to cook his tongue 'n' cheek pudding after we had all read his mouth watering description of this culinary treat. Sadly, for many Offaliates it was not to be as last minute excuses clogged up the text waves. So it was that we hearkened back to earlier Offal Club years, where 4 mates would sit down with a hearty meal to stuff their faces and get thoroughly pissed...

Chefs: Joby and Simon.

Venue: Simon's

Member's Present: Simon, Jason, Howie, Joby.

Venison popcorn with Wasabi Salt

'Scuse fingers...

Stornaway Black Pudding, Roasted Fennel and Ham Salt, Bert's Blue Cheese, White Beetroot and Rocket Salad.

An inspired starter from Joby.  A pudding that gives Bury a run for its money (but does still come second).  Ham and salt, like bacon in powder form.  And I'd never even seen white beetroot before...

Tongue 'N' Cheek Pudding with Champ and Cabbage.

A champion dish perfected at offal Club from Joby's previous bloggings.  Not sure how authentic that Champ was though.  The source recipe from Joby and sisters excellent site can be found here.

Chocolate Ganache with Chile Chocolate Sauce, Cumin Caramel and Vanilla Ice Cream.

From The Fat Duck Cookbook by Heston Blumenthal.  Heston would have been proud, and yet slightly ashamed.  Heston had clearly gone too far introducing texture into his dish, so Simon left the ginger biscuits out.

Wine: Can't remember.  Drunk


It doesn't matter, we can just hug.
Moisture is my middle its not, it's McKenzie.
I feel rather coquettish tonight.  Does that mean you've got a small cock?
Apparently in japan, there's a law against you eating your own cock
White beetroot? Does that glow in the dark?
Ham salt?  What are the ingredients?

Excuses: Lots that night, none of them memorable unfortunately.

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