Saturday, 19 November 2011

Braised Pig's Head Fergus Henderson Style.

7th October 2011

The Mark Addy Masterclass.

We in the Offal Club have long held the belief that the very pinnacle of offal consumption would be the eyeball and there seemed no more appropriate moment to achieve this feat than in the presence of the Great Offal Master himself: Fergus Henderson. In association with the Manchester Food and Drink Festival, Robert Owen Brown, head chef at the Mark Addy, and his team had put on a gourmet evening in honour of the great man and the Offal Club were in attendance. After a couple of fruitless attempts to persuade the waitresses to introduce us to Fergus, we realised we were going to have to take matters into our own hands. We quickly realised He was rather fond of the odd flaming tar stick so ingratiated ourselves while similarly nipping out for a breath of fresh air. Having paid homage to the Master, we then settled down to a delicious 5 course meal of which the main event was the classic Braised Pigs Head. Magnificent!!

Chef: Robert Owen Brown and his team.

Venue: The Mark Addy.

Members present: Howie, Jason, Simon.
Pan fried Ox Heart with Horseradish cream

Shrimp Soup

....and all that remained at the end.

Braised Pig's Head, straight from the kitchen...
Chocolate ice cream in a chocolate cup.

Sheeps curd cheese.

Quotes of the Night:

"I should have booked the table under the name of "Mr o'Ffal""

To Fergus: "you're only offering me a cigarette because u want to chain smoke." Fergus: "I dont care if I chain smoke or not."


"I don't know what this gunjy shit is but it's quite nice"

"Infra temporal fossa that mate"

"My arse is really sensitive, I know when someone is touching my arse"

"I was gonna have a wank but I had a sleeping tablet instead"

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