Thursday, 30 December 2010

Chocolate Pasta (Hotel Chocolat), pan-seared Foie Gras and Figgy sauce; Chicken Liver Risotto; Stuffed Braised Lamb's Hearts.

10th December 2010

Liver Let Die.

FestOffal 2010 is upon us. Retreating to the frozen wastes of Sale, the grand plan of feasting on Reindeer heart was somewhat let down by the purveyers of fine Scandinavian foods (Liddle) so we settled for an assortment of liver and lamb's heart instead. Then while compiling the blog we discovered a group of London foodies had plagiarised our name AND tag line......

Chef: Dan and Simon, (Jon provided desert).

Venue: Dan's house.

Members present: Simon, Jason, Dan, Jon.

Chocolate Pasta (Hotel Chocolat), pan-seared Foie Gras and Figgy sauce.

Combine 100ml Sauterne, chicken stock, 1 tablespoon redcurrent jelly and sliced dried figs and reduce for 15 minutes. Cook the pasta and fry the foie gras. For God's sake don't
get tinned foie gras unless you like a melted mess.

Chicken Liver Risotto.

Stuffed Braised Lamb's Hearts.

Wine: An aperitif of Prosecco with a mulled wine ice cube, plenty of red and a nice Sauterne to finish with Grandma's mince pies.

Post-Offal Entertainment: Shithead (a card game - not just a term of endearment)

Quotes of the Night:
"Its good to be eating something for the first time (that no-one will ever eat again)"
"When we asked the sommelier what we should have with this he said Irn-Bru"
"I'm never buying f*****g tinned foie gras again"
"I think I'll have some more. No Jon. think about your heart"

Excuses of the Night:
"I've only just regained the power of my legs after the flu jab (but I'm off raving for New Years eve tomorrow)"

Next Venue: Some fancy restaurant courtesy of our London affiliates.

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