Saturday, 2 August 2008

I *heart* Offal: Braised Double-Stuffed Lamb's Heart

Saturday 2nd August

A last minute decision to have offal left most of our members floundering with excuses - the usual trio enjoying the delights of lamb's heart.


Location: Simon's house

Member's present: Howie, Simon, Jason


Braised Double-stuffed Lamb’s Heart

3 Lamb’s hearts
Black pudding
Streaky bacon
5 large flat-cap mushrooms – finely chopped
A teaspoon of Colman’s mustard powder
2 teaspoons of thyme – finely chopped
A mirepoix (onion, carrot, celery) – finely chopped
A cup (225ml) of lamb stock
A cup of red wine

    • Wash the blood from the inside and trim the fat off the outside of the hearts then brown the outside in a frying pan.
    • Fry up half an onion in the fat and then add the mushrooms after a couple of minutes. Add the mustard powder and the thyme. Use this mix to stuff the right half (the thin-walled cavity) of the hearts. Press black pudding into the left side of the hearts.
    • Wrap with bacon and secure with wooden tooth picks/skewers. Place in a casserole pot. Surround with the mirepoix. Pour in the stock and wine.
    • Cover and cook in the oven at 150oC for 2 hours.
    • Remove the hearts. Liquidise the vegetables to thicken the sauce.
    • Serve with mashed potato and rocket.

Accompanying wine: Cote du Rhone villages, Jaboulet 1998.

Post-offal entertainment: Halo 3 online multiplayer; Call of Duty 4; Wii tennis and boxing.

Excuses of the night:
"already have plans for Saturday"

"will be in Sardinia"

"already using up a ticket out for Friday night. Although I have not seen any official quota system in place in our house, I get the feeling there is one, actually."

"my wife and I are out celebrating our anniversary that night. How about I pop round after we get back??"

Quote of the night: I've got sweaty ears!

Next venue: Mark's house (no, really, it's going to happen)


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Anonymous said...

I'm very glad I too have found your blog. Mostly because I have just purchased to lambs hearts and a 2lb of liver. I am going to prepare a casserole this evening, and your suggestion of adding bacon to the dish has inspired me to prepare a 'proper' northern 'tea'. I was initially going to prepare some garlic bread to serve with it, but know I think I'll butter some hovis and serve that to mop up the gravy.

All the best :P