Monday, 16 June 2008

Calves' Liver with Blacksticks Blue Cheese and Parma Ham

9th June 2008

Unable to keep away from the offal delight, Howie has returned to his roots to live "up North". Unfortunately the downside was having to move back in with his Mum - it'll never last.


Location: Simon's house

Member's present: Howie, Simon, Jason, John B


Blue cheese dumplings

(from Gary Rhodes, New British Classics)

1 kg Potatoes, skin on
175g Blacksticks Blue cheese
175 g Plain flour
1 Egg
1 Egg yolk
Salt and pepper
Olive oil

  • Boil the potatoes for 20 minutes, allow to cool aslightly and peel then mash.
  • Add the cheese until melted in, then the flour and eggs. Season. Add a touch of grated nutmeg.
  • Roll mixture into 2 cm balls then poach in simmering water for 3-4 minutes (tip - when ready the dumplings will rise to the surface).
  • Transfer into iced water, then refrigerate until ready.
  • Prepare the dumplings by gently pan frying in a little olive oil with a knob of butter until golden.

Calves' Liver with Parma Ham and Blue cheese sauce

(from Gary Rhodes, New British Classics)

4 slabs of calves liver
4 pieces of parma ham
100 g Butter unsalted
1 Shallot, chopped
1 Bay leaf
1 Tbsp white wine vinegar
1 Glass white wine
100 ml Chicken stock
2 Tbsp Single cream
50 g Blacksticks Blue cheese

  • Fry the liver for a couple of minutes each side then do the same with the parma ham.
  • Melt a small knob of butter and soften the shallot with the bay leaf.
  • Add the white wine vinegar and reduce by three quarters. Add the stock and reduce by half. Add the single cream then add the rest of the butter a little at a time. Add the chopped cheese and simmer gently so as not to separate the cheese.
  • Season, strain through a seive and serve.

Accompanying wine:
Campo Viejo reserva

Post-offal entertainment: Halo 3 multiplayer; Wii tennis and bowling.

Quote of the night:

"AAAAAARGH" Simon after John B spilt red wine on his new white sofa.

"AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARGH" Simon after Jason spilt red wine on his new white (albeit now slightly red) sofa.

Next venue: Mark's house (but he keeps promising....)

Haggis al Fresco

10th May 2008

Choosing the one night of the year it's actully warm enough to dine outside, Howie produced 2 properly made (ie. by professionals) haggis. Jason went to the entire effort of boiling them up. We even managed to drag George out, although he did insist on drinking non-alcoholic beer.

Chef: Jason

Location: Jason's house

Member's present: Howie, Jason, Simon, George.


Howie's Haggis with Butternut Squash and Mashed Potato

Two fine Haggis sourced by Howie from ?, wrapped in foil and simmered in water for 45 mins (small one) and 1hr 15 mins (large one).

Butternut squash, boiled, seasoned and mashed, placed in Ramikins and topped with breadcrumbs, parmesan and a light splash of olive oil. Baked in the oven, 20 mins 180oC. Potatoes: Boiled. Seasoned. Mashed.

Drink: Kronenberg 1664 (except George who was driving)

Garden furniture: B&Q

Post-offal entertainment: GTA IV, with headset and controller split between different offaliates

Quotes of the night (to various anonymous online gamers):

George: "Are any of your mum's fit?"

Howie: "Are you French!? I love the French, but I couldn't eat a whole one."

Howie: "Think this guys got Tourette's"

Next venue: Simons house, Howie cooking.